Revolting Sidekick

If ever there is a grand prize for the most prominent corrupter of Asian and Malaysian values in this country, A-G Mokhtar would win hands down.

What kind of man would allow a politician-rapist to go uncharged while persecuting the one who demanded for justice for the underaged victim who was raped? What kind of scum would let ex-MB Mat Taib go free on a half-hearted charge of failing to declare assets when stark naked big-time corruption of the same person was staring him in the face? What degenerate would charge a man under mandatory death sentence for forgetting to renew 125 lousy bullets in the hope of using his life as a bargaining chip to falsely accuse another? What sort of poisoned vindictiveness made him charge Sukma, Azmin and Mior for perjury when they refused to dance to his tune? What is his involvement in the torture of innocents to extract false confessions? What slavish devotion to dirty politics instead of to truth and justice prompted him to charge Anwar for sodomy when all and sundry know that the charges have no basis? And what twisted A-G would insist on using a ‘confession’ which has been repudiated by the man who testified that he was tortured and forced to make the confession?

The corruption of Mokhtar is thorough and complete. He is a lackey of the dark forces, a denizen of the Dark Domain. He corrupted truth, justice, fairness, family values and everything else that we hold dear. He turned lies and deceit into his own brand of truth and beat down truth and facts until they cower under his ugliness and lies. The darkness in his heart reaches out to swamp what is bright and wholesome and impose darkness and corruption upon the land. He leads a legion of lost and wretched souls, horribly mangled and blinded by their lust for power and money. He has twisted and perverted truth so much that some people do not know what is truth and what is lies anymore, what is beautiful from what is ugly, what is good and decent from what is hideous and obscene. Mokhtar is a cancer that eats at the Malaysian soul and his tenure as Attorney-General will linger darkly in the Malaysian psyche long after he is gone.

Through all his shameful acts, either Mokhtar does not care what the people thinks or he believes that everybody are fools whom he can pull the wool over their eyes. However this pompous one has tried to put himself above criticism by threatening to charge anybody who criticize his scandalous actions.

In true Bolehland tradition, this devil incarnate has been rewarded with a Tan Sri for his slavish devotion to his political masters.

What is the AG’s greatest shame? In his short stint in office, Mokhtar has done many dastardly deeds which defy reason and logic and in great contempt of public respect. Just which is the most shameful act is not easy to pick out among the many candidates, but the following are worthy contenders

1. Persecution of Lim Guan Eng for publicly expressing his dissatisfaction over the AG’s failure to charge rapist Rahim Thamby Chik for carnal knowledge with an underaged girl.

2. Failure to charge rapist Rahim Thamby Chik for carnal knowledge with an underaged girl.

3. Failure to charge ex-Selangor MB Muhamed Taib with substantial charges of corruption although his obvious illegal wealth of millions in properties had been publicly revealed in an Australian court after being caught red handed with RM4 million in cash. Shamefully only charged him with failure to declare assets with a RM2000 max. penalty as an eyewash and not even able to secure conviction.

4. Charging Datuk Nalla under mandatory death sentence for possession of 125 lousy bullets for which he had forgotten to renew his license and trying to use it as a bargaining chip to extract false confession against Anwar from Nalla.

5. Charging and securing conviction against Sukma and Munawar for sodomy for which they had been tortured to falsely confess.

6. Charging Anwar for the finest interpretation of corruption under a repealed Anti-Corruption Act to gain heavier penalty and fabricating evidence to support the charges. Amending the charges midway through the trial when he failed to prove the sexual allegations.

7. Failure to charge Azizan for sodomy when he had maliciously admitted to allowing Anwar to sodomize him.

8. Trying to protect ex-IGP Rahim Noor by refusing to name him as the one who assaulted Anwar in prison after sitting on the investigation report for 2 months.

9. Charging Sukma, Munawar and Mior for perjury when they had merely retracted the false confessions extracted from them by torture.

10. Maliciously persecuting Anwar for sodomy in a case that has no basis and substance and changing the date of the alleged crime twice thus proving beyond doubt that the charges were trumped up and fabricated.

These are but a small sampling in Mokhtar's offensive career. Small wonder that Mahathir was pleased enough with his performance to extend his service to another term. These are all shameful acts and committed under the glare of public scrutiny, but one may say that that AG Mokhtar has no sense of shame.


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